Amazon AppStore Now Accepting HTML5 Apps

Amazon is now accepting HTML5 apps into their AppStore. From the press release:

Developers can now submit URLs for their HTML5 web apps and mobile websites and have Amazon offer that content to millions of Kindle Fire and Amazon Appstore customers in the same, convenient way as native apps. Developers can submit and distribute mobile web content without using third party software or doing any native app development, and they can take advantage of Amazon’s In-App Purchasing API for JavaScript, which provides them the option to build sales of digital goods into their apps.

This is huge news those of you who are using in5 to generate HTML5 from InDesign. You just got a new distribution channel, and a much larger audience!

Thanks to Keith Gilbert for bringing this news to our attention.

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  1. Tablazines says:

    I read about this but didn’t really understand the ramifications. This is VERY cool.

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