CacheMan: Application Cache Utility for HTML5 websites & Web Apps

In conjunction with one of my recent courses, HTML5 Projects: Creating an Advanced Responsive Presentation, I created this simple utility to take care of an otherwise tedious and unforgiving* task: generating an Application Cache Manifest file.

CacheMan not only generates the manifest file, it also attaches the manifest to the target HTML files. This attached manifest file will tell the user’s browser to cache the listed files so that they can be viewed offline.

*In many cases, a site will fail to cache if there’s a single typo in the manifest file.


The Main HTML field is where you assign the primary HTML file(s) that will trigger the Application Cache.

The Dependent Files are the files (or their parent folders) that will be added to the cache. If the Auto Detect Dependent Files box is checked, CacheMan will search any files added to the Main HTML category for dependent files (CSS, JavaScript, images, video, audio, etc).

For both the Dependent Files and Main HTML fields, files can be added using the plus (+) button, or by simply dragging and dropping files (as shown in the video demo below).

Files can be omitted from the manifest, or treated as network files (not cached, but pulled from the server) by using the Ignore File Extensions and Network File Extensions, respectively.

cacheman user interface



Make sure that you add the .appcache mime-type to your server:

AddType text/cache-manifest .appcache

For more info on the Application Cache feature of HTML5, check out A Beginner’s Guide to Using the Application Cache.

If you’re using in5 to create your HTML, in5 has a built-in caching option, so there’s no need to use CacheMan.


You can download the file directly cacheman.air (Adobe AIR is required).

Note: The application is self-signed, so you can ignore the installation warning about the publisher being “unknown.”

Update 2019:It appears that the certificate inside the app has expired and you may receive a message.

Adobe AIR install error message

SOLUTION:  Because of the Certificate you may need to change the system clock prior to October 1, 2017 before installation. You can change the clock back to the correct date after that.

CacheMan is available at no cost, but donations are welcome.

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