InDesign guru, AnneMarie Concepcion ‏ (@amarie), put out a request for a script to copy fonts from an InDesign document to a folder. So I put together this script.


Double-click on the script in the Scripts panel to run:


It will prompt you for any conflicts:


…And display results at the end:



  1. Unzip the download package.
  2. Double-click the CC installer that matches your system (Mac/Win). For CS4-CS6, double click the MXP file (inside the CS4-CS6 folder) to install using Adobe Extension Manager.


Copy Fonts to (CS4 and newer)

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27 replies on “Copy InDesign Fonts to Folder”

  1. Thank you! Fantastic! This will save me so much time with a current project. We just need a master “Document fonts” folder for a collection of INDD layouts. This makes it much easier to compile.

    I have made swift use of that Donate button lower right on all your pages! Recommend anyone else who finds this script useful does the same.


  2. Justin says:

    Awesome! Glad to help! Thanks for the donation, Anne-Marie!

    1. Luiz Seman says:

      Ann, do you have a ‘Copy InDesign Fonts to Folder’ script that actually works on ID 5.5 (PC)? Thanks!

      1. Justin says:

        Hi Luiz,
        There should be a CS5.5-friendly installer (the mxp file) in the zip package above.

  3. Luiz Seman says:

    OK, Justin, thanks!

  4. Oleh says:

    looks like this script is not working in InDesign CC 2014 as copying process always fails..

    1. Justin says:

      I’m able to copy fonts in ID CC 2014. However, I am noticing that Typekit fonts are failing. For some reason, InDesign does not expose their location to scripting (even though they’re fairly easy to find with Linotype Font Explorer).

      1. Oleh says:

        It works on Mac only, and always fails on Windows…
        so I made script that works on both systems))

      2. Justin says:

        Oleh, if you’re willing to share your script, I’d love to use it to improve the one on this page and share it with everyone.

      3. mariano says:

        Which is the version that works in Windows? I receive a fail message in any indesign version

  5. Charlie says:

    Not working for CS6 🙁

    1. Justin says:

      Hi Charlie,

      How is not working? Are you getting an error?

      1. Charlie says:

        My apologies – just realized I had to use Extension Manager to install. All good now. Thanks!

  6. Camille says:

    Do you know if this is working for CC 2018? I’m getting an error message, “No compatible versions of InDesign found” when I try to install it for CC 2018 on a Mac.

    Thank you!

    1. Justin says:

      Hi Camille,
      I’ve updated the installer to work with InDesign CC 2018.

  7. stephan says:


    I’m getting the following message when i try and run the installer.

    ‘Not authorised to send Apple events to System Events.’

    I’m running the latest Mojave operating system.


    1. Justin says:

      This is a fun addition to Mojave. 🙁

      You should be able to fix it by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility and editing the list of apps that have access.

      In this case, it could be any of the following that need access (depending on the exact thing that’s being blocked): Script Editor, Terminal, ?

  8. Juca says:

    The script looks amazing, but
    can’t you just put a link to the jsxbin file? I am having a hell of a time to install it,

    1. Justin says:

      Change the .zxp file to a .zip extension and you can unzip it.

      1. Stephan says:

        This also fixed my issue – thanks!

  9. Gundaa says:

    Could have been a very useful script. But it’s not working for me somehow. 🙁

    It fails to copy every single font in every single run.

    | Wingdings Regular
    | : copy failed.
    | DL-KUSUMI Normal
    | : copy failed.
    | Times New Roman
    | : copy failed.

    Just like that.

    InDesign CS6, Windows Xp 32-bit

    What should I do?

    1. Justin says:

      Some fonts cannot be copied via script. The InDesign package function (File > Package…) has deeper access and may be able to copy the fonts.

      1. Gundaa says:

        Thank you for your response.

        Somehow, I wasn’t aware of that method before.

        My method was,
        1. Creating a new “book” file (.indb).
        2. Opening it in InDesign.
        3. Adding my “.indd” file into it.
        4. Packaging book for printing from the Book panel menu.
        5. Closing the “.indb” file from InDesign.
        6. Deleting the “.indb” file.
        7. Deleting every file from the package folder except font files.

        The method you have mentioned is so much easier than tat.

        Thank you very much again!

        Here’s my new question,

        Since you can get the job done more efficiently by a single menu command, what is the point of writing this scrip in first place?

      2. Justin says:

        This script was requested by someone who had reason to not use the Package command.

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