Guide Maker Panel — New Flash CS3 Extension

This panel creates and saves guides in Flash CS3.

Features, instructions, and download below the fold.


  • You can create guides at multiple locations by separating the values with commas.
  • Use % after the number to place the guide at a value relative to the percent of total Stage width or height (for example, placing 50% in the X: field draws a vertical line at the center of the stage).
  • Use an * after the number to enumerate or iterate the value (for example, 50* in the Y: field draws a horizontal line every 50 pixels).
  • You can combine the percent sign and the asterisk (for example, 20%* in the X: field draws vertical lines that split the width of the Stage into five sections).
  • You can change the color of the guides using the color picker on the panel.
  • You can then save the sets and reuse them (might be useful for things like NTSC safe areas, etc.).
  • If you forget any of the syntax, this information is also available be pressing the help button within the panel.


  • Download the .mxp file here and install it using the Adobe Extension Manager (which should just require double-clicking on the downloaded file).
  • After installing, you can access the Guide Maker panel by selecting Window > Other Panels > Guide Maker in Flash.



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  1. George Profenza says:


    I’ve just downloaded the extension. Handy stuff as usual. Thanks!

    I have one suggestion though…
    could you add another symbol like ^ for example to set an angle for X and Y ?
    This would be handy to create isometric grids ( 30 degrees, 28.8, 45 etc. )

    Once again,
    Thank you and keep it up!

    1. Justin says:

      Hi George,

      That’s a great suggestion. However, I’m not sure the implementation would be that simple. The complication comes in where the line is being rotated…around the center stage access? corner of the stage? bottom edge of the guide? top edge of the guide?

      My impression is that it might be simpler to draw the guides, then unlock the layer and use the tranform palette to rotate them.

      Make sense? Please let me know if I’m missing something.

  2. That is a great suggestion. Why didn’t I think of that ? Thanks!

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