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Meet one of our favorite designers

(Yeah, we pick favorites)

photo of Penny, Art Director

This is Penny

She’s an in-house Art Director.

Penny loves graphic design, but she’s not a coder.

Penny’s dilemma

Penny was in a hurry to publish online.

She needed to minimize her dependence on a developer as well as the already overloaded web department.

Then Penny discovered in5

“Discovering in5 was key—we had our first online, interactive magazine published!”

These are Penny's designs

Built with Adobe InDesign and exported directly with in5 to HTML5, these publications are full of rich interactivity.

computer with a book inside

Penny likes us, too

“Ajar Productions has been extremely helpful along the way, and their step–by–step tutorials are great.”

“I can’t wait to get started on our next issue!”

female rockstar singing onstage in the spotlight

Software, plus a little something extra

Ajar is here to be your personal resource

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We’re here to help you wow your bosses and clients.

Here's how we do it

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Support when you need it most

What can Ajar do for you?

We want you to get something valuable from this visit.

dps (aem mobile) to in5 transition guide

Get back to publishing apps with InDesign

The DPS to in5 Transition Guide will get you up and running quickly with a low-cost, powerful alternative to DPS (AEM Mobile).

digital publishing technology guide cover

Be the smartest digital publisher in the room

The Digital Publishing Technology Guide will help you make the best decisions for your publications.

indesign ux design patterns guide cover

Build the cool stuff that wows other designers

The InDesign UX Design Patterns guide with help you design common User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) with InDesign.

Did we mention that we have some awesome tools for you?

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