InDesign to HTML5 Update #2

Justin | HTML5,InDesign | Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Thanks to posts from Keith Gilbert and John Nack, we’ve had a flood of backers and tweets for the Kickstarter project!

We’re now 64% funded with 61 backers at the midway point, and there are more pledges every time I check my email!

End of day update

It was a very good day for InDesign->HTML5. We jumped from 54% funded and 49 backers yesterday, to 73% funded and 69 backers at the end of today (5pm PST). We’re now on track to reach our minimum funding goal early. Wahoo!

Update (12/12/12): The product, now called in5 is now publicly available:

Ninja and Montage: New HTML5 Tools

Justin | design,HTML5 | Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

A couple of teams at Motorola have been working some very interesting projects. First, there’s Montage, a coding framework for HTML5 on mobile devices. Then, there’s Ninja, a graphical user interface built for (and on top of) Montage. Both products are being offered free from Motorola.

The Ninja team is composed of many former Flash Pro team members who were previously at Adobe. These folks really know what they’re doing, so this is a project to keep your eye on.

You can find more details in this article or at the page.

InDesign to HTML5 Update

Justin | design,HTML5,InDesign | Friday, July 27th, 2012

InDesign->HTML5 has reached 32% funding and we still have 20 days to go, thanks our 34 backers!

We’ve posted a few updates to the Kickstarter page.

We’re also picking up some press:

Update (12/12/12): The product, now called in5 is now publicly available:

InDesign to HTML5

Justin | HTML5,InDesign,iOS | Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

InDesign to HTML5If you’re like many designers that we know, you’re able to produce some fantastic designs using InDesign. More and more, clients are asking for digital projects like HTML5 websites and mobile apps. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an easy way to translate your designs into web and mobile experiences.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our InDesign to HTML5 project on Kickstarter! InDesign to HTML5 will export your layouts directly from InDesign, and allow you to distribute your content easily and affordably across all devices. Our exporter will be very similar to the fantastic Interactive SWF exporter currently in InDesign, except that it will not rely on the Flash Player (and will thus work on mobile devices, including on the iPad and the iPhone).

Here are some of the advantages of our InDesign to HTML5 product:

  • Affordable.
  • Open, editable output (viewable on all devices).
  • Easy to use (export right from InDesign).
  • Easy to distribute your final product.
  • Backward-compatible with previous versions of InDesign.
  • No usage fees.
  • Distribute an unlimited number of projects.

Kickstarter is a creative new way to fund projects with individual contributions. By contributing to our project, you can gain early access to our InDesign to HTML5 exporter, and we get some money to support our initial development time. Kickstarter is all-or-nothing, so we need to reach our funding goal for the project to move forward. So, please spread the word if you want to see InDesign to HTML5 happen!

Update (12/12/12): The product, now called in5 is now publicly available:

Captcha Added

Justin | Misc | Monday, July 2nd, 2012

We’ve been getting an inordinate amount spam comments for the last few days, so I’ve added a CAPTCHA below the comments form to reduce the influx of spam that has to be moderated. Please be sure to fill it out when submitting a comment. I’ll try removing the CAPTCHA once the spam dies down. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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