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I’m neither an artist nor an animator, and yet I was able to lip-sync an audio track in next to no time, all thanks to SmartMouth…[SmartMouth] really impressed me with how quickly it was able to automate an otherwise extremely tedious task...I highly recommend SmartMouth if you need to do any lip-syncing in Flash.
Michael James Williams, ActiveTuts+
I know what a time-consuming pain it can be to manually synchronise dialogue with animation. If you’re a Flash user, you’ll value anything that saves time, alleviates some stress and generally helps with the process…If lip-sync is a major part of your work, whether you’re a studio or a freelancer, you might wanna check [SmartMouth].
Adam Phillips,
If you create flash animations and need to synchronize mouth shapes with an audio track, you know how long and difficult it can be to get a correct result. If you have been dreaming about automatizing this process, you'll really enjoy...SmartMouth.
Loic Aigon,
We have a 2 hour project which requires perhaps 10 to 20 minutes worth of a narrator lip synching...and this is worth every penny. The hours saved is invaluable.
Martin Fisher, Director/Animator Themartist
I love your product. I was able to complete a 30 minute animation in two weeks thanks to SmartMouth. If it wasn't for SmartMouth, I wouldn't have been able to take that job at all.
Danger Dave Robbins, Animator Danger Bay Studios
The software is AMAZING! I had some client work over the weekend and was able to save HOURS of tedious work with SmartMouth... Thanks for this. Overall, I'm very happy and impressed with it. It's a blessing.
Christopher Perkins, Animator

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