Web Developer (Problem Solver)

Do you have a passion for solving problems?

Is the Web Inspector your favorite tool?

Can you communicate to a non-technical audience?

Do you have online examples of your work?

Ajar Productions—a one-person graphic design software company—is looking for help supporting its growing customer base.

Ajar's main product exports HTML5 (as well as CSS and JavaScript) from Adobe InDesign. Because of the great flexibilty of the product and the diversity of web browsers (and devices), there are a great many puzzles to solve.

As a contract Web Developer with Ajar, you would be troubleshooting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript issues. You would then communicate your solutions internally to guide improvements, and in some cases, you could be helping customers over email.


Required Skills

Important Candidate Qualities

Preferred Skills/Knowledge

(Nice to have, but not required).

Note: The problems you'll be presented with in this role are typically going to be hard problems to solve, so you need to know what you're doing. Please don't apply unless you have significant experience with JavaScript and can solve hard problems.

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