CS4 Already?

Justin | Animate/Flash,design | Friday, September 5th, 2008

Just as you were getting used to CS3…

I can’t say that I’m not looking forward to it after seeing the new features previewed at Flash Forward.

The Ted Zone

Justin | animation,comedy,nerdy | Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Just found this funny nerd cartoon on SuperDeluxe, check it out.

While you’re there, though it’s not animation, Maria Bamford’s series is fantastically funny.

VP Selection Match Animation

Justin | Animate/Flash,animation,politics | Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Just finished an animation. Had an idea this weekend and it was just short enough to pull off in the remaining two days of the long weekend. The result is below.

Description: Obama and Mccain go head to head on their vice presidential selections.

WARNING: includes juvenile humor.

Update: I posted this rather quickly this morning but I just wanted to add a few notes of credit. My wife reminded me that this idea probably germinated from seeing this fantastic piece on health insurance companies about a month ago. The idea of starting some political animations was spurred on by a good friend and animator, Josh Carrollhach.  I rushed to complete this idea before the end of the weekend, but we may be doing some more new animations in the weeks to come.

The rapid production of this piece was possible, in large part, due to a couple of Flash extensions. One is a tool that I’ve already posted for public consumption, Queasy Tools. The other is one that I currently have in progress which is very similar to Animonger’s AnimSlider, but it deals strictly with frame labels. My lip-syncing process is heavily borrowed from Chris Georgenes’ lip-syncing technique in Flash. This new extension allows me to easily use frame labels (or comments) to navigate a graphic symbol and change mouth or eye shapes. It requires no extra setup, other than adding some labels. I’ll be posting that some time in the near future. I’ll likely make a video tutorial to show it in action as well.

Flash Forward 2008 in review

Justin | Animate/Flash,conferences | Friday, August 29th, 2008

Had a great time at the Flash Forward Festival. I took tons of notes on most of the presentations, so I decided to write up a short version and a long version.

The SHORT Version

While the official theme of this year’s Flash Forward conference was passion, the serendipitous theme that seemed to come organically from almost every speaker was some version of “don’t be afraid to fail.” Some speakers went so far as to encourage failure in order to find new ideas.

This was the first year that Beau Ambur and Metalliq had taken over the conference from Lynda Weinman of Lynda.com. The choice was made this year to provide a single-track program rather than separate tracks for developers and designers. This seemed to have produced some consternation in the Flash community. Since this was my first Flash Forward, I don’t have a reference for comparison. I can say that I was actually pleasantly surprised by a couple of presentations that if I’d been given a choice of track, I might have missed. Most notable of these, were the presentations of Miha Pogacnik, the cultural ambassador of Slovenia, and Jamy Ian Swiss, a magician. Both were fantastic and made me more tolerant of some the presentations that were not.

Kudos to the organizers for making an effort to be green as well. Our “swag” bag included a reusable water bottle, so we weren’t stuck using and disposing of paper cups. We had decent box lunches from Boudin bakery. Because of San Francisco’s curbside composting, nearly everything out of the lunch boxes could be recycled or composted, so very little had to be thrown away completely. I can’t wait until that program crosses the Golden Gate.

The other change to the format was that presentation durations dropped from 60 or so minutes in past conferences to 22 minutes. Except for the Disney presentation, which seemed to last forever. I think this new one-track approach is admirable in its ambition, and in many ways makes sense given that most of the attendees are both designers and developers and would inevitably miss out by choosing one track over another. Given the complaints of numerous attendees though, I would imagine that the next Flash Forward will provide some sort of compromise between the two approaches.

There were a lot of the fun aspects to the conference outside of the presentations as well. Since moving to another state two years ago and working from home ever since, I’ve been a bit isolated. It was interesting to be with hundreds of “my people.” One got to feel kind of cool, while simultaneously being extremely nerdy. I got to talk with David Stiller at great length and tell him how much I enjoy the tips on his blog. Lee Brimelow was around quite a bit, but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to tell him how much I like his fantastic (and free) Flash tutorials on gotoAndLearn.com. Apparently Alessandro Crugnola of SE|PY ActionScript Editor fame was there as well.


New Flash extension: Set graphic to final frame

Justin | Animate/Flash,extensions | Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

I may be doubling somebody’s efforts out there. I’m not sure if someone else has already written this one, but just in case, here’s the one I wrote.

I find with graphic symbols that I often use them in the ‘play once’ mode and at the end of their animation I’ll apply settings to the instance like an alpha fade out. This involves (on the keyframe after the ‘play once’ animation) setting the instance to ‘single frame’ and either guessing or going into symbol-edit mode and finding out how many total frames are in the symbol. This extension takes care of that. Just run the command and it will set all selected graphic instances to ‘single frame’ and set them to display their final frame.

Free download

Set graphic to final frame.mxp
(backward compatible to Flash MX 2004)

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