UX Design Tools: InDesign

Course description from Lynda.com:

At first glance, InDesign might not seem like a natural choice for UX design. But the interactive and animation tools that make InDesign great for designing ebooks and apps also happen to be ideal for designing wireframes and prototypes. In this installment of UX Design Tools, Justin Putney shows how to use InDesign’s grid and guides to align wireframe objects, create shapes, save and reuse text and object styles, and add interactivity and motion to your designs. Plus, learn how to create alternative layouts and liquid layouts that automatically scale when displayed on different devices, and build a library of reusable artwork.
Topics include:

  • Setting up your InDesign files
  • Creating shapes
  • Stacking and grouping artwork
  • Adding placeholder text
  • Adding interactivity and motion to wireframes
  • Creating responsive wireframes
  • Using master pages and object styles
  • Exporting wireframes for clients and developers

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