UX Design Tools: Balsamiq Mockups

From the Lynda.com description:

Wireframes and prototypes are key to making successful products. But what tools should you use? Balsamiq Mockups is a dedicated wireframing tool that helps you lay out your ideas quickly. In these tutorials, Justin Putney shows how to use Balsamiq Mockups to create richly layered interface elements, turn assets into reusable symbols, and add interactive and responsive design features to your mockups. When you’re done with your mockup, he’ll show you how to export it to share with clients and developers.
Topics include:

  • Adding, aligning, and layering elements
  • Adding and formatting placeholder text
  • Building symbols
  • Adding new control types using Mockups To Go
  • Creating links and hot areas
  • Making wireframes for tablets and smartphones
  • Exporting mockups for review

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