Problem Solving for Web Professionals

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The project isn’t over when the design is complete. The website also has to reach its users, which means tackling the inevitable issues that crop up on the way to a beautiful, working site. Make yourself invaluable by solving the problems no one else can, with this toolkit of solution-oriented techniques.
Learn to turn your web browser into a code inspector, cope with browser incompatibilities, perform cross-platform testing, and more. Justin Putney gives you the skills you need to address the unique problems in each new project—and ensure the quality of your design and your code.

Topics include:

  • Using web inspection tools
  • Finding and destroying HTML errors
  • Locating missing assets
  • Supporting Internet Explorer
  • Becoming a Google search master
  • Testing with online snippet editors, emulators, and more
  • Testing responsive layouts
  • Debugging code
  • Adding new functionality

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