HTML5 Projects: Creating an Advanced Responsive Presentation

HTML5 Projects: Creating an Advanced Responsive Presentation is course available on

You’ve created a basic web presentation. Now what? In this course, you’ll learn how to spiff up your HTML5 presentation slides with automatic playback, integrated audio and video, and more. Author Justin Putney shows how to embed a Twitter feed, place your presentation on loop, and make subtle polishes like hiding the cursor in full-screen mode and improving the timing of bullets. Justin also includes a series of challenge-and-solution pairs to test your skills.

Need more information on creating an initial web presentation? Watch the related HTML5 Projects: Creating a Responsive Presentation course.

Topics include:

  • Embedding a Twitter feed in an iframe
  • Creating the code for automatic playback
  • Using MediaElement.js in your presentation
  • Adding video and audio

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