in5 v3 Sneak Peek #2: Save Your Settings with Export Presets

Justin | design,extensions,HTML5,InDesign,software | Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Here’s another highly requested feature for in5 (InDesign to HTML5): the ability to save export settings and apply them to other InDesign documents.

And soon it will be a part of the latest version of in5. 🙂

The video below shows a sneak peek of Export Presets in action.

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One thought on “in5 v3 Sneak Peek #2: Save Your Settings with Export Presets”

  1. mauro junior says:

    Hey Justin, i found your jsfl tutorials and they are helping me in so many stuves!

    I’d like to ask a question about jsfl development, but i was afraid that you wouldn’t see my comment on older posts…

    I’d like to ask if is there a way of freezing Animate’s History Steps while running a jsfl command, so i could implement quick Undo to my scripts instead of ciclying through all the steps from the history tab.

    Thanks in advance!

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