in5 with InDesign CC?

Justin | HTML5,InDesign | Friday, June 28th, 2013

We’ve had a number of people writing us about whether in5 is compatible with InDesign CC.

Here’s the skinny: InDesign CC was shipped with some bugs that affect scripting and extensibility (read: in5). Myself and many other developers missed the window to report these bugs before they could be fixed during the prerelease. I’m very sorry I did not catch these bugs and report them sooner.

Most Adobe employees are starting a regular vacation next week, so any fixes will not be immediate. However, the InDesign team is looking into these bugs and I’m hopeful that there may be resolution some time in July. One of Adobe’s stated goals with the move to Creative Cloud was more frequent updates. Hopefully we will find that to be the case with these issues.

We look forward to making in5 available for InDesign CC as soon as we possibly can. Thanks for your patience!

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