Duplix: Batch Duplication Utility

Duplix is a batch duplication utility for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. The Duplix utility quickly duplicates files and folders using numeric or custom naming. The numeric naming option allows the user to set a range of values and includes a “minimum digits” setting which can automatically add zeroes to the file names to maintain alphabetical sorting for the duplicated files. The custom naming option allows the user to type or paste in a series of names for the duplicated files. The custom names can be separated by commas, spaces, or line breaks. Both numeric and custom naming options allow for a prefix and suffix for the duplicated file names, and even allow the user to alter the file extension if needed. Existing files can be preserved or overwritten by duplicates depending on the option selected. The user can also choose to delete the original file or folder after duplication if desired.


You can install Duplix directly from this webpage (if you don’t have the AIR runtime yet, this will install that for you as well):

[airbadge] Duplix, http://ajarproductions.com/software/duplix/latest/Duplix.air, 1.0, http://ajarproductions.com/software/duplix/images/badgeIMG.png[/airbadge]

How to Use Duplix

Check out these video demos:

Screenshots below the fold…

Installation Note

Duplix is 100% free to use, but donations are welcome. Because this application is free, I’ve decided not to spend the $200-300/year on a software certificate, so the publisher will show up as “unknown” on the somewhat ominous install screen.


Numeric Naming

Custom Naming

Duplication Results Screen

Thanks to Peter Elst for creating an AIR installer badge plug-in for WordPress. I used it to embed the installer on this page.

And thanks to côdeazur. I used the AIR Remote Updater code for the automatic upgrades within Duplix.

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  1. AIRでファイル複製 Duplix: Batch Duplication Utility | Ajar Productions <http://tinyurl.com/8c496y>

  2. Patrick says:

    Cool app, almost just what I was looking for. If it supported duplication of a file 10,000 times without hassle, that would have been awesome!

  3. Justin says:

    That support could probably be added to a future release. Just curious…why would you need to duplicate a file 10,000 times?

  4. Patrick says:

    I needed to duplicate a file 10,000 times to load test an application we are building. I know that it isn’t a very good test, but that is what we’ve been asked to do.

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