SmartMouth is Smart Money

We've created tons of free animation extensions to speed up your workflow, but lip syncing has remained one of the most labor-intensive tasks for an animator.

Months of research and development have culminated in a tool guaranteed to save you time. Hours spent at the computer hand-tweaking mouth shapes on thousands of frames can not only wear on your patience, but they can also cause a lot of repetitive strain.

SmartMouth will reduce the strain of lip syncing, and free up your brain and your time to create more animation (or just go outside and have fun).

If you're billing by the project, then SmartMouth can also increase your hourly income. In many cases, SmartMouth will pay for itself the first time you use it.

How long will it take SmartMouth to pay for itself?

Use this calculator to determine how cost-effective SmartMouth will be for your next animation project.

Duration of animation
Time spent manually discerning and applying each mouth frame
Frame rate
Your hourly rate

See what others are saying about how much time they've saved with SmartMouth.

We also offer bulk discounts which make SmartMouth an even smarter choice for your workflow when you're on a team or using multiple computers.

Will SmartMouth affect the style of my animation?

No. SmartMouth uses your mouth shapes, so the resulting lip sync will always reflect your style of animation. Your Timeline will remain 100% editable after running SmartMouth, so you can hand-tweak the results as much as you like. The personality of your characters is still in your hands. You can also speed up any additional adjustments with FrameSync.


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