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When using the Menu Builder, it gives you the option to base the items off all bookmarks, but doing so only picks up the top layer of bookmarks, each of which has sub bookmarks. In the piece i'm working on the TOC has two levels, one for chapter and one for sections. Ideally the menu builder should pick up both these levels to show the chapter and sections in a menu, just like a TOC. Is this possible to do with the current version of in5?
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There are a couple of different approaches that you can take to make a menu with sub levels.

  1. Modify the menu that the Menu Builder creates from the bookmarks to make the sub menus.
    • The Menu Builder makes menu out of a multi-state object (MSO) that contains two states, the closed state and the open state. The open state contains the bookmark text that is turned into buttons with actions set to go to their corresponding destinations. If you set up all your Bookmarks on the same level and use Menu Builder, then you can edit the resulting menu by changing the font, size, color, indent, etc. to visually give the impression that they are subsections.
  2. Create a Table of Contents in InDesign that can be exported with in5.
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Thank you, i'll try to see if this will be viable for our workflow.
Sounds good. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. :)