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I'm trying to replicate the way this site works:


The page lengths seem to vary though, and when I try to do different page lengths in In5 the longer pages appear to be centering vertically when I need them to "hang" from the top like the rest. I guess it's the opposite of the centering that people usually ask about.

Not a big deal but if there was a way to do this that would be great, thanks.
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I realized one way to do it is to export using Multi-Page Web. I do lose the cool slide animation that way though...

EDIT: I realize now that I had outsmarted myself--I always use the centering CSS and that was still in my resources. I got rid of that and the correct behavior returned.
Glad you got the centering issue figured out! Also, if you set the first page (and the default page size) to a short page... with the other pages being taller, it works pretty well. You can use that first page as sort of a landing and add buttons to go to the next page, as needed. Set the desktop scaling to width and use the horizontal slider. Good luck!

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