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I have exported my presentation from in5, uploaded it to the web, and Safari reflects the updates. However when I 'Add to Home Screen' from Safari, the home screen 'app' is showing an older version of the presentation. I have cleared all cache from Safari, and restarted the iPad, to no avail. I can't get what is currently showing in the browser to be the presentation on the home screen. Is there another 'cache' that I need to be clearing?
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The Web App should reach out to the server when it's opened to see if the manifest on the server has changed. If you want to send me the URL, I can take a look.

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Application Caches are touchy. One error and the whole thing fails.

In checking the Web Console, it appears as though there is an error.


It looks like one of the video files might be missing from the server.

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Your images aren't loading for me to see. I just uploaded it again, and made sure that all 3 videos that it uses are on the server. I'm at a loss, as I just can't get the old version deleted from the cache on my iPad. I know it's a way old version, because the version that is showing is a vertical scroll, and the latest have been a horizontal scroll, so it's not even pulling the correct version. The old one is stuck somehow.
I checked again after your update. I see the same error but on a different video file. I opened that video in a separate tab and it worked fine. That makes me think there's an issue at the server level (perhaps it's throttling the number of requests?).

I would check with your server admin. All the have to do is look into the console to see if it works or not.

I don't know if the update will work properly until that issue is corrected.

However, you should be able to delete the icon from your home screen. You can then clear your cache and resave it. The new version should then appear.