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Noise Images from Layout

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Hello, how are you?
I ask for your help to discover the origin of the image appearance (see bellow), with a broken link icon and the text - State Type Normal
Usually close to buttons and appear randomly with each export.
You would have some tips to try to avoid the appearance of these "noises" in the layout.
I share the indesign and exported HTML file
All the best

asked Apr 7 in bugs by dualpixel (750 points)

1 Answer

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That text is the browser telling you that an image is missing.

I'm able to replicate that with the HTML package you shared, but when I export the INDD document, the image is there and working.

Is it possible that this image just didn't get copied?

You might try re-exporting the document.
answered Apr 9 by justin (135,050 points)
Thanks for the reply. But in some exports they appear these image of breaking of bond, without having images there. In a second export no more appear ..
Hmm...let me know if you can figure out how to replicate it...
Sure! I keep in touch