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I find some related Questions here, but none of them seem to cover what i'm trying to achieve so Im opening a new Questions.

Ive got a Client with a very long Page (about 16k-20k px). And the Client wants to send a newsletter to his subscribers with links that automtically brings them to the certain part of the page were the specific subject is discussed on the page. So he asked me if i can give him some links that link to this and that certain part of the page and i said sure no problem and had in mind giving him somthing like "http://www.thelongpage.com/index.html#certainpart" to link to the anchors on the page. But suprisingly this doesnt work on the page I designed in indesign with in5.

I use the scrollTo jquery to navigate when im already on the page to certain parts and this does work fine, but if I want to go to a certain part from an external link it doesn't seem to do anything with the link id I typed in. It just brings me to the top of the page. Maybe theres a setting in in5 for "dont allow this" I cant find or something or it has something to do with the loading of the page (which is quite long because the page is full of images and videos).

Is there a workaround for that problem or am i missing something? The heaven would be if it would open the page and then smoothscroll to the certain position, like it does when i use my inpage navigation, but right now i would take anything that works.

Is there a solution for that?


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Which Page Format are you using?
I can definitely help with this, just need some more info about your document. Feel free to send me the output files.

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