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Scrollable frame inside MSO doesn't work

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I've a several files that I need to export and most of then had a scrollable text that doesn't work. It's inside a multi-state object in the layer "Professor". When export and click on the last icon on the left bar the multi-state opens but the scroll doesn't work. Here is the file to test:

I'm exporting almost like the default: Text rendering: Images; Output: multipage web
asked Apr 25, 2017 in bugs by marcelo.moreira (140 points)

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Hi Marcelo,

Sorry it took me so long to figure this out.

in5 has built functionality to recognize "pull tabs." This was a type of interaction developed for DPS using the Scrolling Frame.

Your scrolling frame is being treated as a pull tab because the top of the scrollable content sits 6px above the scrollable frame. If you shift the content down at least 6px, it will scroll as you intended.

answered May 8, 2017 by justin (136,310 points)
My sample file was so complex that the key issue was left behind.

When I put a scrolling inside a MultiStateObject the scrolling doesn't work (Even if I uncheck the box to hide the scrolling bar). Looks like there's a <div> outside the content cropping it to the size of the scrolling rectangle.

The link bellow have a more simple example and a exported HTML:

Thanks a lot
I know that *seems* like the issue (it did to me at first too), but it's not. If you copy the frame from inside the MSO and paste it by itself in a new document, it still doesn't work.

However, if you then scoot the content down a few pixels in the text frame and re-export, it works as expected.

If you inspect the document using the browser's inspector, it will work when the pulltab class is no longer being applied to the container frame.

I'm going to make it possible to disable this pulltab functionality in a future update.

For now, scooting this blue, inner frame down solves the issue.