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Pop up over forward bck arrows

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I have a full page MSO as a pop up thumbnail map of my site. It pops up when you click a button and off from another button.

When activiated by the on button I would like this to sit on top of the forward back arrows in the horizontal slider export.

How can I do this? I was thinking a z-index might work. It would be great if this could be done in a file that can just be added on in the resources portion of the export. However going in to the css is an option as well.

Thank you!
asked Mar 6, 2017 in how_to by slk (170 points)

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Yes, you can attach a CSS file using the resources, target the MSO by name, alt attribute, or class (from an Object Style name), and apply a z-index setting.

I think the navigation arrows for the Slider are at a z-index of 100, so anything higher should appear on top of them.
answered Mar 8, 2017 by justin (136,310 points)
selected Mar 8, 2017 by justin
Fixed it! You are my hero!
Glad to hear it! :-)