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Why in5

If you're like many designers we know, you're able to produce some fantastic designs using InDesign.

But now clients are asking for digital magazines, mobile apps, ebooks, and web banners.

Unfortunately, there hasn't been an easy way to translate your designs into web and mobile experiences—unless you want to learn to code.

Now you can use in5 to export your InDesign layout with rich interactivity—and no coding!

Key Benefits

in5 works seemlessly with InDesign

Fully integrated with InDesign

in5 unlocks InDesign's most powerful interactive features using InDesign's own user interface.

export to any device

Export to any device

Your HTML5 output will work on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

no coding needed

No coding required

You can design visually, and in5 will write the code for you!

In addition to digital magazines and web content, you can also use in5 to create content for mobile apps.

in5 creates files ready for use with the Baker Framework, the Amazon Marketplace, and more.

in5 also makes it easy to bypass the App Store by exporting a Web App.

Are you the type of person who likes a massive list of features?
OK, just for you.

How in5 works

in5 translates your InDesign layout to an interactive HTML experience.

The HTML5 files that are produced are yours to keep and modify as you please.

Total flexibility because you own your content

The files are exported to your hard drive just like a PDF.

You can then post your files to the web, or package them into a mobile app.

Unlike a PDF or a SWF, you can easily open and make changes to the HTML5 files without re-exporting them.

Create as many apps or sites as you like!

What the experts are saying

Used by these companies

Adobe, Disney, Merck, Cisco, Pearson, Penguin

Check out examples of actual digital magazines, sites, and apps made by in5 customers.

And Featured in

As featured in: InDesign Magazine,, Creative Bloq

in5 Feature List

Visual goodness

  • Support for native InDesign Animation
  • Support for Timing of multiple animations (sequencing)
  • The ability to nest animation and interactivity within groups and Multi-State Objects
  • Six different Page Format options
  • Text can be rendered as HTML (with embedded fonts or web-safe fallbacks), images (to preserve appearance), or SVG (preserve appearance and scaleability)
  • Swipe Navigation and touch support

Multimedia & interactivity

Accessibility, SEO, & live output

  • Mobile Article Explorer for easy reading on small screens, while maintaining a pixel-perfect layout.
  • Support for Alt text using the button name, script label, or Alt text within the Object Export Options
  • Supports mapping styles to specific HTML tags
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): title, keywords, description, author -- pulls from INDD meta data automatically, and can generate keywords automatically from the document
  • Ability to export live, editable tables.
  • HTML and CSS output supports columns, paragraph rules, bullet lists, numbered lists, and anchored images
  • Supports Table of Contents linking and linking between pages

Output options

  • Viewer Display options (page thumbnail navigation, reader progress, full screen, zoom in/out, PDF download, etc)
  • Ability to assign proportional scaling for any device
  • Export to specific formats like Baker Framework, iPad Web App, and iPhone Web App
  • Amazon Marketplace integration
  • Offline application caching
  • Ability to attach external Resources and URLs
  • The ability to open URLs (and images) in a "Lightbox" so that the viewer never has to leave the page

Not had enough of features yet?

Looking for a list of which InDesign interactive features are supported by in5? We've got you covered.