EaseCaddy™ Help Documentation

Version 2.0.3


The EaseCaddy panel allows you to store your custom eases and re-apply them.

Help Contents

Installation (top ^)

EaseCaddy is installed using Adobe's free Extension Manager (EM) which is automatically installed along with Flash Professional. The simplest way to install EaseCaddy is to double-click on the EaseCaddy.mxp file that you've downloaded. In most cases, this will automatically launch EM and begin the installation process. In some cases, double-clicking may not launch the correct version of EM. The EM version corresponds directly with the version of Flash. For instance, if you want to install EaseCaddy into Flash CS5, make sure you are using EM CS5. You may need to launch EM separately and click the "Install" button. Read the license agreement and follow the instructions. After you've installed the extension, you may need to restart Flash.

User Interface (top ^)

EaseCaddy can be accessed via the Other Panels menu in Flash Professional (Window > Other Panels > EaseCaddy).

The following figure diagrams each aspect in the EaseCaddy interface:


Applying Eases (top ^)

When applying a stored ease to a new motion tween, you can choose to apply it to the available properties that currently have keyframes. This keeps you from having to open the massive Motion Editor editor panel, while still taking advantage of much of the power and flexibility that the new motion model offers. If you want the settings to overwrite existing applied eases, you can check this box. For instance, suppose you just applied an ease to X, Y, and rotation (Z)—the default—, but you only wanted the ease to be applied to Y. You can re-apply the ease and uncheck X and rotation, and check the box that says, “Set unchecked properties to ‘No Ease’.” This will remove the first ease that you applied from the X and rotation properties, and apply the new ease to the Y property only.

If you have multiple eases selected, you will also see a Multi-Apply Option that allows you to use the same selection on all of the tweens (Pro version only).


Importing & Exporting Eases (top ^)

The Import/Export window allows for import or export multiple tweens to share with friends and colleagues. You can access the import/export features by using the import or export buttons in the EaseCaddy user interface.


How to Obtain a Serial Number (top ^)

The Pro version of EaseCaddy provides additional functionality, such as the ability to apply an ease to multiple tweens in one step. You can purchase a Pro license by clicking the "Purchase a license" button in the Info window or by selecting "Purchase a license" from the right-click menu.

Activation (top ^)

You can activate a Pro license of EaseCaddy via the Info window. Enter the license key you received via email in the "License Key" field and click the "Activate" button. If your copy has already been activated, the "Activate" button will not appear. Depending on the number of seats you purchased, you may be able to activate a single serial number multiple times. Each seat purchased corresponds to one installation of Flash Professional, whether on one machine or several.

Updates (top ^)

You can check for updates by opening the Info window and clicking the "Check Now" button. The field below will display any available updates (and an update link when applicable).

When a new version is available, you will be directed to a new download link. Any new version will be installed in the same manner as your first installation and will require that you re-accept the license agreement. Any activated serial number(s) will be retained upon installation of an update so long as the update is installed with the same version of Flash (and on the same machine).